As blogger’s and models ourselves, we understand that commitments and interests change and life gets crazy. Below you will find what we expect from each of our Blogger’s. We are all adults and expect that each of you are able to manage the commitments you have made to your sponsors and that you read these rules carefully before applying at {POSH PIXELS}.

To be considered for a blogger position with {POSH PIXELS}, please fill out the application form or contact Apollo (Apollo770) in-world. After our team examines your work, we will send you a notice with details ASAP if you have been accepted.


  • When: Weekly.  We ask that you come to the store and select up to 3 items that you wish to blog.  These can be new or old items, the choice is yours.
  • What: New Releases and Sale Items. We participate in WEEKLY Sales, and Monthly Sales Events, as well as various Fashion & Charity Events.   We will generally send you the RARE’s for Gatcha EVENTS, OR EXCLUSIVES for other Sales Events. We ask that if it is a full outfit, the WHOLE OUTFIT be blogged (or that items not worn but included be mentioned).
  • How:  {POSH PIXELS} will send you their EVENT items via the Mailer System. We will check to see if you are online and only send items when you are…No More Missing Boxes!  


◉ your blog is at least 3 months old and syndicated on at least 3 feeds
◉ you are able to blog a minimum of 16 items and 4 blog posts for each month, you are free to mix & match to your hearts content, so long as credits are given and accurate information is provided (i.e. you use items from 3 different events, each event is listed)
◉ you are to blog in time for the event (Example: 60L Weekends by Friday in time for that week’s sales, 55L Fridays by Thursday, etc.).
◉ you are able to produce high quality blog photos (no smaller than 1024×1024, the bigger the picture the better the quality! Not sure how to accomplish this…ASK!)
◉ you are reliable and professional and able to communicate with staff if you will be on vacation or are running behind
◉ you will post a link to your blog post in the {POSH PIXELS} Blogger/Staff Group (it is MANDATORY that you be in the Blogger/Staff Group) so that we can track active vs. non-active bloggers. This is mandatory, not a request.
◉ you shall post pics in our flickr group This is mandatory, not a request.
◉ you will proudly display the {POSH PIXELS} Logo on your blog.
◉ most importantly you will have fun & style like a diva!

Please Note: We may use bloggers’ photos and use them in store as posters, Ad’s or for other marketing purposes. So for this reason, we ask that we be allowed to use your photos for business uses. Please note that we will never sell or not give you credit for your photos. If you would like your name as credit, please include it on your photos. It makes it easier so we do not have to edit anything.

If we use your picture for a VENDOR AD, you will receive 5% of each sale from that Vendor for as long as the vendor is active (This includes MP Sales!). We do post in group for bloggers willing to shoot a new outfit for the purpose of ads, so keep an eye out!

We run by a 3 strike rule, and if staff finds that you have not made your minimums 3 times you will be removed, so it is important to stay in contact with us if there are issues or vacations. INACTIVE BLOGGERS WILL BE REMOVED WITHOUT WARNING- NO EXCUSES. 

Thank you!
Apollo Nightshadow
{POSH PIXELS} Blog Manager



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