Not My Day


I got up on the wrong side of the day
and turned the alarm off; it still blared away
hearing the tones of it’s cry, “Stop!”
I said, “I mean to get on with my day.”

It kept on going;
I followed, knowing
days don’t always do
exactly what you’d like them to

“Shut up” I said “I’m going to try again”
I thought I heard it laugh a little,then
it kept on beeping while I stood there talking
‘All right’ I said, (it sounded like a threat)
‘It’ll get better’ But it hasn’t yet.


Outfit: Audrey Jumpsuit w/Stole by {POSH PIXELS} (Coming Soon!)
Hair: Debra – Light Blondes by TRUTH HAIR
Skin: Morgana – Vamp by Pink Fuel
Eyes: Triumph Eyes – Armour  by IKON
Jewelry: Hearts in Love Wedding Set by JCNY

Head: Annie – Vampire by Catwa
Hands: Slink

Photo by: Posh Photography


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