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While visiting the The Drakensberg Mountains in Africa for August Swank’s Around the World theme I decided to take a safari. I stopped for a photo-op because it’s so beautiful here. No one ever said you can’t dress in style on a safari right? Wearing {POSH PIXELS} Serengetti from August Swank which includes the hat and brooch. The textures on this outfit are so rich and the outfit is very well put together with attention to details. Also wearing :LUNA::. Body Art – Golden SHell – SLink nails, Luminesse Sassari Malvolia earrings, and Camellia Assam Eyeshadow.

Using Glitter Poses Female Model 1 pose all at Swank.

{POSH PIXELS} Serengetti
Close up of {POSH PIXELS} Serengeti’s hat and brooch and LUM-Sassari Malvolia Earrings

As I wandered I noticed wonderful animals. I think this elephant wants me to pet him.

{POSH PIXELS} Serengetti

I continued on my journey but felt a need to change outfits…

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