On Gossamer Wings

Fused in Fashion

{POSH PIXELS} F_ck Cancer Set

My soul has taken flight
from the bonds of the earth
Dancing in the blue skies
inside the laughter of angels
The sun above calls to me
to share the eternal joy
Hearts flying free
in the breath of heaven
The rainbows falling
beneath my gossamer wings’
Never an eagle or bird
have flown so high
Into this bright
and blossoming sky
Into the moonbeams
that grace heaven’s door
Awaiting outside to be blessed
by the grace of Gods
Countless planets lie below
As my outstretched fingers
touch the face of eternity

{POSH PIXELS} relays in loving memory of my grandfather who lost the battle to colon cancer in 1993.  My grandfather was like a dad to me, having lost mine when I was only 9.  My grandfather and I shared a special bond, he was my best friend, my rock when I needed strength and the type of person who…

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