Fashion for Life One of a Kind Auction!

Fashion For Life in Support of Relay For Life of Second Life

FFL OOAK Auction Texture1

Join us March 19th at 3pm SLT for an exciting auction for One of a Kind designer items! Check out all that will be available. More than two dozen designers from across the grid have put their talents to work creating one of a kind pieces only found at RFL of Second Life Fashion for Life!


“Minor Points”

Minor points is a Fitted Mesh crop top and pencil skirt created with an art piece entitled Minor Points. Inspired by the “On Again Off Again” relationship. In relationships, there are minor points that never seem to be discussed. These things grow into resentment and frustration. They are the evil root of a bitter seed that can tear relationships apart if not dealt with. Couples that do not communicate with one another find their relationship dies from this affliction. The parties of the relationship need to make sure that they take…

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