Still time to vote….



Last year we were nominated as Best New Designer in the  avi choice awards, and this year we need your help again!!!

The specific categories we have been nominated for is:

  • Favorite Female Fashion Accessories
  • Favorite Female Shoe Designer
  • Favorite Lingerie/Hosiery
  • Favorite Female Casual Wear
  • Favorite Mesh Body Compatible Accessories
  • Favorite Mesh Body Compatible Clothing – Female
  • Favorite Mesh Body Compatible Clothing – Male

Voting ENDS on Tuesday, Dec 1st at 3pm, so spread the word to vote! NOTE: Voting is limited to one vote, per avatar and ISP, per category (there are more than 40 categories!).

Here is the link, CLICK HERE FOR LINK!!!

Scroll to the various category’s above, and click {POSH PIXELS} – VampirePam Resident , CLICK VOTE!

**Please note that one category is incorrectly listed as {POSH PIXELS} – StrangerEWS770 Resident, which is my sister, but still my store

Thank you so much, without YOU, our wonderful customers, this would not have been possible!

{POSH PIXELS} Management and Staff


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