The Lexi Project – Day 2!

Let’s keep the momentum going!

The Lexi Project

We are still truckin along here at The Lexi Project! Today we all saw the event go up on the Secondlife Viewers, under Destination Guide [ty Xiola Linden♥], we loled about our traffic which was a spectacular 69,666 for day one ha *rolls eyes* and we continued to fix stores setting up, getting boxes moved ya know …stuffz! Currently we are looking at a total of 360 stores joined up! I am still letting people in! This event lasts til August 9th, if you want to join click here. I also, just got done with the accounting portion of today’s tasks and I am happy to announce another great day at The Lexi Project!

Our current funds raised is *drum roll please!* 1,434,024L! According to the ole Linden calculator that is roughly US$ 5,806.07!
Impressive! Congrats Lexi Project Team ya’ll are rollin!
Raised amount includes all…

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