There is always room for change…

Fused in Fashion


Blown EXCLUSIVE is offered in 6 color combinations and includes the Couture Blouse and Jeans with the matching Blown Petals Headpiece– $399L –50% of all sales going to Womankind Worldwide

PoshPixels-FFC_EXCLUSIVE-TribalTribal EXCLUSIVE is offered in 8 Rich colors and comes complete with Jumpsuit, Slink Heels and optional matching Headpiece – $399L – 50% of all sales going to Womankind Worldwide
PoshPixels-FFC-Auction-OOAK-KaizenKaizen: this OOAK Gown  will be Auctioned at Fashion For Change – 100% of the proceeds going to Womankind Worldwide!

The Fashion for Change charity event is organised by BOSL and MVW 2015, Eleseren Brianna. The Fashion for Change event , themed Couture Goes Ethnic,  will open April 11, 2015, and will run from April 11th – April 25th, 2015. Fashion for Change is designed to raise funds for the charity, Womankind Worldwide, and 100% of the donations raised will be given to Womankind Worldwide, (website link:

Held on…

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