Through fire and flame

Fused in Fashion

Took my hand
Touched my heart
Held me close
You were always there

By my side
Night and day
Through it all
Maybe come what may

Swept away on a wave of emotion
Over-caught in the eye of the storm
And whenever you smile
I can hardly believe that you’re mine

Shared the laughter
Shared the tears
We both know
We’ll go on from here

Cause together we are strong
In my arms
That’s where you belong

This love is unbreakable
Through fire and flame
When all this is over
Our love still remains


Dress: Valentina – Includes Shoes for Slink High Feet – {POSH PIXELS}
Hair: Giz – Type B – Platinum – D!va Hair
Skin: Elise – Not Released
Nails: Slink Fingerz & Toez – Heartbreaker – {POSH PIXELS}
Jewelry: Necklace & Earrings – Enthralled Jewelry Set (Included with Valentina) –

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