Beautiful Nightmare


Pretty girls lie
Smart girls steal
Prideful girls cry
And lonely girls kill

Some of the most evil things start from innocence
Underneath purity is pain
Underneath beauty is cruelty
So be careful
They say the devil is very beautiful

She’s the Master of Hell
The warden to your cell
Taking you to the land where dreams end and nightmares begin

She’s seen her life full of sorrow
Hopefully she won’t die now or tomorrow
She can look at the fire and continue to stare
And feel pain you can’t possibly bare

You live in her dreams
A place full of screams
It has no end
It takes your life and forces upon you things you can’t comprehend

It’s an evil carnival, a twisted fair
It shows you’re weak and easy to scare
It’s full of torment and despair

So good luck and farewell
Come see what lies in your cell
Welcome, to my Beautiful Nightmare



Have you ever dreamed that you were naked in front of a crowd and you felt exposed? Or that you were speeding along in a car down a steep slope, and you were pumping the break and you couldn’t stop and you were out of control? Perhaps that you are being chased by some evil force and no matter where you turn or where you run, you can’t get away.  It’s one thing to say I had a nightmare and I was upset by it but thank God it was only a dream. It’s another thing to say “Okay, I had this nightmare, and I’ve been chased by a dark man in a dark mask”. That’s the purpose of dreams, to use them as intuitive prompts, so that you’re not running away from yourself all the time and leading a life that’s driven by fear.

What do these dreams mean? Are they meant to torment or meant to help? Is it your minds way of coping with stress and fear to help you gain better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses? My view is that these dreams are meant to help you in terms of dealing with the terror in yourself so you can come to terms, to set yourself free of the fear and move on with your life.

Thank you for stepping inside my beautiful nightmare and catching a glimpse of the demon who lurks there…heaven or hell it’s hard to know, but to sleep I will surely go….


Pam’s Look:

SKIN: Annalise BLK & WHT – *LpD* Skins
HAIR: Mythos white/unisex Hair – EMO-tions
EYES: Soul Eyes (Prim Texture Change) Fantasy Set – Monochrome – Folly
TATTOO: Tintable Glaze Tattoo – Filigree Medium – Folly
BRACERS: Bellona – Iron/Aqua – EMO-tions 

Apollo’s Look:

SKIN: Patrick – Vampire – Story Leaf
HAIR: Orion – Iceberg – Wasabi Pills
EYES: Ardent Eyes – Platinum – IKON
MAKEUP: Male Designs – In Conclusion – Full Set – Madrid Solo
TATTOO: Angry Wolf – 35% – Letis Tattoo
HORNS: Trickster – VN
BRACERS: Bellona – Silver/Red 3 – EMO-tions 




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